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I started using WiGLE a couple of days ago, so please excuse me if I try to reinvent the wheel.

First some background information:
I'm overlanding with my Land Cruiser from Amsterdam to Sydney, ETA is 2023. For internet access I depend on local SIM cards in each country and WiFi access points along the way. I have an outdoor antenna mounted on my car and connected to a Raspberry Pi. A GPS is also connected. The Pi functions as a local Access Point to distribute the internet signal from the remote Access Point to my devices. For the Raspberry Pi I have written some scripts to automatically connect to open access points and solve the captive portal if possible. If you're interested you can have a look at the code:

I would like to use WiGLE to get some more info on the Access Points I'm connected to, but that's not what this post is about.

Since I have this Raspberry Pi and outdoor antenna connected permanently I thought to also implement some war driving to give back to the community. There is only one problem: all the software needs the network device to run in monitoring mode, and I'm using the network device to connect to the internet so that's not going to work. However a lot of details of available WiFi networks can already be retrieved with the iw or iwlist commands. So I wrote a script to consolidate all the WiFi data and write to a CSV log file. I'm using the Kismet CSV format but I can't find all the information I need.

So My questions are:
Is the Kismet format the right kind of format to upload WiFis to WiGLE?
Which fields of the Kismet file are used by WiGLE?
What date format should I use?
Fields are separated by a ; but should string be between ""'s?

This is the script I currently have: ... xtra/WiGLE

And this is what I currently create, how does that look?:

Code: Select all

Network;NetType;ESSID;BSSID;Info;Channel;Cloaked;Encryption;Decrypted;MaxRate;MaxSeenRate;Beacon;LLC;Data;Crypt;Weak;Total;Carrier;Encoding;FirstTime;LastTime;BestQuality;BestSignal;BestNoise;GPSMinLat;GPSMinLon;GPSMinAlt;GPSMinSpd;GPSMaxLat;GPSMaxLon;GPSMaxAlt;GPSMaxSpd;GPSBestLat;GPSBestLon;GPSBestAlt;DataSize;IPType;IP; 1;infrastructure;VRACHOS free hotspot;84:16:F9:E3:DD:9A;;5;No;None;No;54;;;;;;;;IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g;;Fri Jan 25 10:00:07 UTC 2019;Fri Jan 25 10:32:37 UTC 2019;;-67;;35.012625505;24.760307250;-3.111;0.000;35.012766066;24.760370719;11.148;0.317;35.012648986;24.760355410;-8.262;;;; 2;infrastructure;GujjaR;C4:6E:1F:4D:47:B0;;2;No;TKIP,WPA,WPA2;No;54;;;;;;;;IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g;;Fri Jan 25 10:00:07 UTC 2019;Fri Jan 25 10:31:57 UTC 2019;;-71;;35.012625505;24.760307250;-3.111;0.000;35.012766066;24.760370719;11.148;0.175;35.012682399;24.760342416;0.389;;;; 3;infrastructure;cctv systems n n;68:72:51:68:B5:B6;;5;No;CCMP,WPA2;No;54;;;;;;;;IEEE 802.11b,IEEE 802.11g;;Fri Jan 25 10:00:07 UTC 2019;Fri Jan 25 10:32:37 UTC 2019;;-67;;35.012625505;24.760307250;-3.111;0.000;35.012766066;24.760370719;11.148;0.317;35.012664948;24.760347004;-2.076;;;;
hi there!

Which file format are you working toward? There are a lot of formats that'll do the trick - but if you want something simple and easy to emulate, the WiGLE CSV 1.4 format (as generated by WiGLE WiFi Wardriving) is a pretty good option.

Details are here

Cheers, and thanks for your interest!


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