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Wigle csv format questions

Posted: Sat Jun 05, 2021 8:21 pm
by Czechball
Recently, ZerBea has made changes to hcxtools that make it possible to export csv information from a pcapng file, including GPS coordinates. I then made a script that can convert those to a Wigle compatible csv file. My question here is, what should be included in the pre-header? Right now, it looks like this:

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Here, I replaced the WigleWifi app name with a value called "application" parsed from the pcapng file (same goes for mode, device, display and board), then I replaced appRelease and release with the version string of said application and finally, brand has been replaced by the "interface vendor" string from the pcapng file (which is an OUI of the wifi card that was used to capture the data). But now I noticed some notes about the csv import format in the forums hinting that maybe I should instead leave the WigleWifi and its version that I'm targeting. What should really be in the pre-header in this case? I already tried importing files generated with my script and they worked fine. So I guess this is just a cosmetic/stats collecting issue...

Re: Wigle csv format questions

Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2021 1:46 am
by arkasha
That's all legit with the exception of the first entry - WigleWifi-1.4 is the CSV format version, not the app version, you probably want to leave that intact (so the parser will know you're using v. 1.4 of the CSV format). Mostly, this data is used for model-specific data corrections (if there's a known problem with a particular device) and to feed the stats on - so long as you're not conflicting with the common entries there, you'll be just fine!

Re: Wigle csv format questions

Posted: Sun Jun 06, 2021 3:21 am
by Czechball
Thanks for the info, the format version value is now fixed in my script.