Tip for using Syntax USB-400 key on NetStumbler/WinXP

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My setup
  • IBM T20 Running WinXPro, 256 MB RAM, WinPCAP 3.1 beta 3, NetStumbler 0.4.0
  • USB-400 WiFi "key" from Syntax Groups. (Free after rebate at ecost right now... though I still haven't gotten my rebate after 3 months)
  • Yellow garmin eTrex
I have a 6 ft. USB extention cable that allows me to mount the USB key in the rear side-window of my Subaru Outback.

I have been having a lot of problems with my little USB "key". Even after dissociating it from TCP/IP, and setting Windows not to manage my wireless connection, it would still often show up as non-functioning, and would eventually hang the system. I noticed that NetStumbler actually listed two 802.11 cards.. both labled WLAN miniUSB adapter. But one listed the driver as Prism (the key uses the Prisim 3.0 chipset), and the other listed the driver as "NDIS 5.1". When I unselect "use any suitiable device" and select only the one labeled NDIS, then the system appears for more stable.

Your milage may vary.
-- Mitch
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