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The gear needed for wardriving

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Postby seinman » Mon Aug 09, 2004 7:17 pm

I've been wardriving for a while, but just today installed digle and the NS script to pass along the GPS data. Now i'm curious as to what all this actually means. I've got thick lines, thin lines, and +s everywhere. I already figured out that the squares are the already mapped APs (in the case of this screen grab, I had it filtered to only show the APs that I discovered in the past).


Postby arkasha » Mon Aug 09, 2004 10:57 pm

that's some seriously comprehensive side-street stumbling. :)

-the red "+"s are locations where you had GPS lock, but saw less than an 1 network at any given occasion during the sampling period. there a black "dots" in JiGLE that correspond to these, and i should probably switch the color for these over the black for clarity and consistency's sake.

-beyond that density, line thickness and color changes. line segments are drawn from the last sample to the location at the end of the sampling period. their color ranges from red (1-4 networks) up to blue (an average of 32 networks) depending on the average number of networks visible at each point during the sampling period. the lines get up to 16 pixels thick, so the thickness increments based 2 networks increments.

suggestions have been made to associate thickness/color seperately with total density and new-network density, but we haven't come up with an intuitive scheme for this yet.

with my rig (amplified, external antenna, orinoco + ns 0.4.x) in most cities i find areas of 10-16 network densities quite frequently (the yellow to green range in the color scheme). in downtown chicago i occasionally see a big, deep-blue dot, and i know i've found the motherload.

Postby seinman » Mon Aug 09, 2004 11:03 pm

Thanks for the info. I figured that the color/thickness of the line had something to do with how many networks were around, but wasn't quite sure. That was just a quick drive through my subdivision, testing out how well it worked with live tracking.

I'm moving to Chicago to go to school (Columbia) in a month, and want to do some serious wardriving there. I grew up in the suburbs but haven't lived in Illinois since well before wireless got so popular.

Postby arkasha » Mon Aug 09, 2004 11:06 pm


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