How accurate is the map filter to only show what I have discovered?

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I ask this because I zoomed way out today with filter enabled and see 'splotches' of color in states I have never been to....

Interesting question!
There are a lot of possible explanations:
1. If you've logged mobile WiFi access points, things you've observed may have been more commonly seen elsewhere. If you pick an individual point, you can look it up in the detail search to get a coverage polygon.
2. If an access point has moved, we try and make it "skip" from location to location, but this cluster detection is still somewhat rudimentary, and things can "smear" if a lot of conflicting observations have been recorded (check out the smudges in central Africa, over parts of western Asia, or between a lot of major cities in the US and EU). This happens with APs that are commonly seen in two or more different places (someone takes their network to their vacation home), or if someone's car-based AP migrates through the same route frequently and gets observed.
3. If you have GPS malfunctions (as many android handsets quietly do), you'll often observe radial lines from the actual location of the AP. This happens when the GPS reports high accuracy, but actually has a bad fix.
4. If you stumble while onboard a plane, things get weird fast. Plane based observations often cluster around "great circles" so if you see radial lines that follow a uniform "arc" from airport to airport on the map instead of a linear route, this is probably real wifi instead of buggy GPS.

Each of these has different failure modes - tell us a little more about the type of spots you're seeing and their location?

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