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Postby khoff » Fri Aug 17, 2012 5:39 am

Hi all. Right, I dropped my phone and basically killed my SD card. I'd been backing up my database file, but stupidly only to the SD card. The latest one I had off my phone was months old.

Anyway, I've re-installed the WigleWifi app on a different card, and imported all my observed data from the database (with the 'Import Observed' button from the 'Data' tab). Anyway, when I try and export as a CSV, I get a file that's just 190B long. What gives? Why can't I export all my sighting as a CSV file any more? Is there something else I need to to? Or is there some standalone tool that I can run (on either Windows or Android) that can get me all my sightings as a CSV file? Or failing that, some kind of API docs about the Wigle database so I can pull all my data out using SQL - I'll write my own scripts if I have to, but obviously, I'd rather not :)

One of the reasons I was bothering with Wigle was to get my hands on all this lovely data I can run through my own scripts and mangle in various ways. Without it I feel kinda lame.
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