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what about deleting old data / correcting map

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 2:27 am
by cptechnik
(Please write slowly - my school-english is very old...!)

I use the android-app a long time... Since spring 2012
:-) ;-)
... since I had my 1st android...

Ok, i scanned only my village in last time...
But ... when I visit the interactive map i see many old or wrong data along my village...
Who (person) or what (algorithm) controls the errors in the database/map?
Or does only the triangulated data from the wigle-app creating the 'correct' data of the database?

Can i correct these data?
Maybee just uploading data with login-account?

If these questions were answered anywhere, you can only send me a link and sorry for disturbing...