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Postby g4wsz » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:52 pm

I don't know if this question is in the correct place but here goes!

I have just started using WiGLE on my Android phone and am amazed at what it and the map on this website does.

However I am confused about something ... there is a specific (E)SSID I am interested in: "Virgin Media" which is the name being used for that company's new "Public hotspot" system (based on home routers).

My problem is that on the wigle.net map these appear case-mangled, ie "Virgin media". As far as I can tell, the CSV and KML data collected by me contains a capital "M" character but the map is showing this as lower case. I believe that SSIDs are case-sensitive so I am surprised by this. Is this to be expected or is something wrong with WiGLE?

Thanks in advance,

PS it also seems to me that WiGLE's "Search" feature is case-insensitive, even in the box labelled "Exact Search"
Surely that's not right either?
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