Best possible settings for Android app?

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Hey all,

I've got a few extra phones I'm using strictly for wigle. Since I'm not too worried about battery life, performance or usage outside of the app, anyone happen to know what the best all-out settings are for the android app?
Short answer: it varies by phone!

There's a "sweet spot" where you don't overheat your phone, don't exceed your ability to write to the database and update the display, but maximize the number of measurements you take, which varies by device and drivers. In particular, some radios/drivers can scan faster than others, but it's a number you'll have to experiment with.

I recommend performing tests in high-density areas, exercising the phone thoroughly, and picking settings based on the performance you see.

This talk from a few truly dedicated WiGLErs from Def Con last year has some good advice!

Cheers, and happy stumbling!


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