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Wireless is a technology that allows two or more devices to connect to each other using a standard protocol without the need for network wiring. The birth of wireless networks is a breakthrough that helps people connect faster, anywhere, any time.

Nowadays, wireless networks are more and more popular, here are some advantages and disadvantages of this network:

Advantages of wireless networking
- Simple and fast to install: Installing a wireless network is quicker and easier than with a wired network.

- Flexible: Wireless technology allows the network to go where many wired networks can not.
- Cost savings: The initial investment cost of a wireless network is usually higher than the wired network, but if the total cost is the same, the wireless performance is much more efficient.

- Convenience: The network allows users to access network resources at any location in the deployed area. Especially with the increasing number of people using laptops and mobile devices today, it's definitely a big plus.

- Scalability: It is easy to expand the number of users without having to increase the divider and cable to lose the time.

Disadvantages of using wireless networks:
- Radio interference may occur due to weather, other wireless devices or shielding.
- Security: The wireless connection environment is air, so the chances of being compromised or stolen are very high. Need some anti-theft knowledge when using public wifi

- Speed: the speed of the wireless network is lower than the network using the cable. However, with the rapid development of technology promises the speed of the wireless system will be significantly improved.
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