Should I see ALL AP's when I look for my own?

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Hi all,
Contributed about 10,000 records but first question I've asked.Mainly been happy just to upload as this is a worthwhile project.
Question-I put in a known SSID I have uploaded (say my own,in my little town). When I search for it, it shows up-fine.When I enlarge the map view, to the whole town (about a mile across), should I be able to see all the other AP's that have been mapped into

Just be good to see the fruits of my labours! ;-)


Hi lam,

There are a number of filters built into the map - "only discovered by me" should show just points you've discovered, "only discovered by others" will limit to contributors that are not you. The time sliders also have a material effect. The map tiles have no query limits currently, so you should be able to zoom and filter, continuing to see all WiGLE data for the area. If you're finding an area or scenario where this isn't happening, send us a private message with the coordinates (and maybe a screenshot) and we'll get on it!

Cheers, and thanks for your interest!

-Ark and the WiGLE team

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