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I've noticed a couple of times that the position of my uploads in the queue to be processed jumps backwards - for example this evening from c 250 to over 1000. What's the explanation? Is there a 'fast lane' for priority users? Are the calcs being reset and reprocessed? Is the queue length just inaccurate?

that should never happen!

The only circumstance I can imagine is that someone uploads an archive that contains many files, but I would have expected us to identify that before numbering the queue.
There's no preferential treatment; everyone gets the same (slow) processing!

Happened again today. I did 2 uploads just 93 upload references apart. The first one has been processed and is Geo Indexing, the other is now set back to number 1283 in the queue
We're doing some back-processing of data, so even though that file says it has 1283 to go it may get processed in the same batch as the your previous one. Since the batches are grabbed in transid order, the older data will get processed first if they aren't in the same batch, however.

Rest assured it will all get processed, and we're almost done with the back-processing at which point we can release some new features. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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