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Postby kangnguyen97 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 7:59 am

Get The Best Multitools For Yourself

Have you ever got in an annoying situation where you only need a knife? Or a screwdriver? Or a wine opener?

Unfortunately, these are not everyday tools that we carry with us at all times unless you own a good multitool. Multitools often shine in such situations when you have some particular need. At the same time, the multitool also helps you to do some ordinary things without having to mess around to find the standard tool. Furthermore, in an emergency situation, such a tool is absolutely necessary.

However, finding the right multitool can be difficult. There are too many choices in the current market, from too many brands, with too many price ranges. In today's article, we would like to show you Image best multi tools on the market for the majority of users.

Leatherman surge multitool

For customers who want everything a multitool can have, Leatherman Surge is a good starting point.


Surge is a versatile pliers multitool that integrates up to 21 different tools. These include:

Small nippers

Common nippers

Replaceable wire cutter

Interchangeable metal wire cutting tools

Wire with a core cutter

Cord clamps

Wire's core stripping tools


Serrated knife


Spring scissor

Baton (with threaded eyelets)

Ruler 8 "

Bottle and can openers

Wood / Metal sharpener

Diamond-coated sharpener

Black Exchanger

Mini drill

Large screwdrivers

Small screwdrivers

Because it can integrate all of these tools, Surge is one of Leatherman's largest multitools. However, it is specially designed for all-purpose craftsmen and DIY users.

We have to warn you that this is not a piece of lightweight equipment. Its folded length was 4.5 inches (11.5cm), and when the blade was fully opened, it was 8 inches (20cm). Furthermore, it weights about 12.5 ounces (355 grams).

Usually, while the common multitool requires two-hand use, the Leatherman Surge is designed so you can use it with just one hand. Moreover, although you only need one hand to use it, it also incorporates a locking mechanism to ensure the tool's stability during use, making it the best multi tools available on the market Image.

Recognizing that some tools will age or deteriorate after a period of use, Surge has tools that can be replaced when needed, like wire cutters and even blades. In addition, you can also purchase additional accessories such as a drill set and drill extension clips, removable pocket clip clips, hook straps, and leather covers for your Surge tools.


What we like best

In many cases, a large multitool will be filled with tools that you will never use. However, the Leatherman Surge only has tools that you can actually use. What is more surprising is the one-handed functionality makes it one of the most versatile tools when you have only one free hand.

✛✛✛ Useful Link: Image what is the best multi-tool


It'sIt's difficult for a multitool to replace all the original tools, but Leatherman's Surge does. This multitool is designed with both functionality and convenience in everyday carry. For whatever job you may need, Surge will fulfill most of your needs, making your life smoother and more manageable. Plus, this tool comes with a 25-year insurance package, so it will be your partner for a really long time. Also, you should check for more amazing multitools of Leatherman on their website. This is one of the best multitool brands on the market right now and will not let you down because of its products' quality.
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Postby arkasha » Mon Mar 16, 2020 6:01 pm

We have added GPX export directly to the app to help further this goal!


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