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Postby lakeshaturner » Fri May 15, 2020 10:08 am

How To Choose A Suitable Vacuum Cleaner For Your Needs

In the US and Great Britain, the upright vacuum is the primary vacuum cleaner in houses and often used to clean the entire floor. To meet this demand, manufacturers have designed many upright vacuum models with various features, which make you wonder what are the best vacuum cleaners for yourselves, and what are the main features to be concerned about. This article will show some basic parameters to note when choosing an upright vacuum cleaner.

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Requirements for suction power

The requirements for upright cleaners are suction power, cleaning flexibility, dust cup capacity and filtration system. About the suction power, many people think that you should choose a cleaner with a strong suction power as possible, in fact, you should choose the machine suitable for your floor type. For example, with soft surfaces, such as rugs, you should not choose a vacuum with too high suction power, as this will damage the carpet yarn. Normally, for carpet, the upright vacuum with around 250 AW suction power is the best choice.


Cleaning flexibility

Secondly, cleaning flexibility is also an important point. Because your house has many corners as well as furniture, a vacuum cleaner with a flexible cleaning head will help you easily clean the hard-to-reach places. Moreover, a cleaner with a flexible cleaning head will avoid collisions with furniture, reducing the unnecessary damage during operation.

Besides, the brush roll of the cleaning head is another factor. It can cause damage to your floor. Each upright vacuum series is designed for an optimal floor type. For example, cleaner designed for tile floors will have a stiffer brush roll to remove large particles, while for carpet, a vacuum cleaner often has a softer brush roll and long filaments for deep cleaning so as to cause no harm to carpets.


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What are the best vacuum cleaners


Dust cup capacity

For upright vacuum cleaner, the dust cup capacity should be around 1.5-.2.5 liters, based on the area of your house. You can refer to some of the best vacuum cleaner reviews or comments of users to select the dust cup capacity. Do not choose a cleaner with a dust cup capacity too small compared to the area of your house because you have to empty the dust cup many times during use and will reduce the life of the machine.

Also do not use a cleaner with a large capacity, because for long-term use, dust will form plaque in the cup, thus making it difficult to empty the dust cup. You should choose a vacuum with sufficient capacity to clean 1-2 days for 1 time emptying dust cup


Filtration system

The last thing you should remember is the filtration system. You can easily see in the Top best vacuum cleaners Image, almost all of the cleaners are equipped with a HEPA filter, but is it really necessary? If in your family, there are allergy sufferers or you are pet owners, the vacuum with HEPA filter is the good one, because this filtration system can remove pet hair and other allergens like pollen and particles that are smaller than 3 microns in size.


In conclusion, there are four parameters you need to keep in mind when choosing an upright cleaner, including suction power, cleaning flexibility, dust cup capacity and filtration system. You should choose a machine with parameters that match your floor type and house area, thus saving your money and ensuring the durability of the cleaner.
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Postby arkasha » Tue May 19, 2020 6:07 am

the app should still be using google maps - our brief experiment with OSM tiles was a long time ago - more than 5 years back.

if you installed the application from the google play store, you should be on the latest revision of the application, or should see the option to upgrade when you visit the application page.

The other possibility here is that your google "play" libraries are out of sync.

Feel free to PM with details if you'd prefer not to share them with the public.

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