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Hi Folks !

can someone tell me how i find out wich version of Wigle wardriving for android i'm using ?

I want to report a bug where no new map tiles are downloaded. only tiles that are already stored are shown.

the internet connection is allright
there is free space left on the phone
i tried deleting the stored data of the app
i tried re-installing it
the bug did not occur in the time the app chaned from using google tiles to osm tiles, but presumably about 1or 2 months after that.

I guess the first step would be to know the version

is that the right place in the forums for this type of question ?
The question probably belongs in the WiGLE Wardriving bugs section, but unless you're running a version that's so old as to be unsupported, you'll find the version at the bottom of your "Settings" screen.

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