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Postby arkasha » Sat Jun 13, 2009 12:56 am

well, ok 1 billion observations. but that's a ton of data, really. This is a red letter day for WiGLE (actually, two red letters, a green letter, a blue letter and even one purple letter), and for everyone who's contributed to the project over the years. A special thanks goes to mrmeebles, the contributor of the billionth observation. Let the madness continue!

Postby pejacoby » Thu May 27, 2010 6:50 pm

Another 100 million observations in the can...

Unique networks in DB: 22,238,413
Unique networks with location: 21,268,707
Unique locations in DB: 1,100,075,270

Holy cow, how big is the database these days?

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