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Postby bobzilla » Wed May 04, 2011 11:59 pm

Looks like iOS 4.3.3 will no longer backup the consolidated.db file. No more non-jailbroken iPhone stumbling, it was nice while it lasted. Good thing there's Android, which actually lets users put any software they want on their pocket computers (Apple's App Store randomly outlawed wifi scanning programs a year ago).
-bobzilla - just a little bit
IOS Stumbling has been available since iOS version 7 via to fairly reliable apps (not 100% compatible with some iOS versions) but I run WiFiFoFum (lite will work, i Ponied 1.99 via Cydia) and it tracks things perfectly, can export XML and has an option to share with the public.

I'm not sure if it submmits to Wigle but I could write a very low power consuming DNS redirect and HTTP Post Change so submitting the log to Wigle woule be automatic if needed.

All in all though it is FANTASTIC... even more you can mount a router with external 8-15db gain antennas attached to a moderate router and then feed the results through ethernet or wifi to the iPhone allowing the more powerful receiver locate more access points.

If someonoe wants to work on an IOS version, even perhaps a semi server side (data calculation and such) but with navigation position from the iPhone and a nice GUI (WEB 2.0) to display plus cloud, gdrive, dropbox, etc storage with buffering till wifi is available.

Let me know, my iOS is slow going but I do have some skills with it. I can also cross compile if I stick with framework 3.0 or less between Windows Mobile, iOS and Android from the same exact code base making multiple platforms easy to maintain simeltaniously.

msg me if you want to undertake a project, enough interested and we can start the project with my time constraints I can do the architecture and some coding, database design but I will need others to take over about 75 percent so say 4-5 developers used to working in a distributed method.

Mike, check out for Marek, Malcolm and Scott's current status. Unfortunately nothing since late 2013. I've been a long time user of WFFF, since the Windows Mobile days, and sadly the guys have had to pretty much give up on the app in iOS. Apple has made it impossible to release a stumbler via the App Store. The Jailbreak world isn't much better, though WFFF continues to work in that environment.

If anyone could make a stumbler that would shine on the iPhone, it's Marek and Malcom, but it's just not in the cards.

I've retired my jailbroken iPod Touch with iOS5 and WFFF, and also my iPhone 5S that ran the beta release of WFFF until iOS8 came out. I have moved to WIgleWiFi on a cheap Android phone. I'd love to still be stumbling with my iPhone...
Just a rambling necro-post, but ironically just as it's become possible to downgrade an iPhone4 and below to achieve Consolidated.db 4096c9ec676f2847dc283405900e284a7c815836 functionality, that party seems to be over.

Along the off-topic direction this thread has veered, BE AWARE: ANY jailbroken app that triggers location services is automatically reported (anonymously?) to Apple via the automated background scanning. See:

INSERT INTO "WifiLocationHarvest" VALUES('0:11:22:33:44:55',6,1,-83,0.0,'' 400000000,55.55,-105.55,5.0,680.0,8.0,0.0,-1.0,50);
INSERT INTO "WifiLocationHarvest" VALUES('0:11:22:33:44:55',6,1,-88,0.0,'com.threejacks.WiFiWhereLite' 400000000,55.55,-105.55,5.0,671.0,6.0,0.0,-1.0,90);
INSERT INTO "WifiLocationHarvest" VALUES('0:11:22:33:44:55',6,1,-88,3.803,'com.aspecto-software.WiFiFoFumJB',400000000,55.55,-105.55,5.0,671.0,8.0,0.0,164.53125,90);

WiFiFoFum works on iOS5 and logs to XML, but I;m not familiar. WiFiWhere requires iOS6, and the paid version claims automatic Wigle upload. Neither supports cellular logging.

The iPhone4 GSM and below are XGold chipset with great diagnostics output... all we need is the AT output of +XCELLINFO=1 timestamp logged to a file and we get not only measurements of the current active cell, but also up to 6 neighbors. Bonus points to execute a periodic AT^SSTK to retrieve GSM TimingAdvance and estimate cell distance... that would make the best cell logger *EVAR*

Anyway, more "on-topic" turns out we can also harness Apple's built-in scanning for these purposes - harvested results are normally uploaded and deleted in the background, but under iOS6.1.3 CDMA, sqlite3 /var/root/Library/Caches locationd/cache_encryptedA.db (while screen is unlocked!) CREATE CdmaCellLocationHarvest0 as same then: (yes,MCC looks like a bug to me too - you should check your own file ;)

CREATE TRIGGER uCdmaCellLocationHarvest AFTER UPDATE ON CdmaCellLocationHarvest FOR EACH ROW BEGIN INSERT INTO CdmaCellLocationHarvest0 VALUES (new.kTableColumnMCC, new.MNC, new.SID, new.NID, new.BSID, new.BSLatitude, new.BSLongitude, new.ZoneID, new.SectorID, new.SectorLatitude, new.SectorLongitude, new.BandClass, new.RAT, new.CellType, new.PNOffset, new.Channel, new.Operator, new.BundleId, new.LTMOffset, new.DayLightSavings, new.RSCP, new.ECN0, new.DerivedMcc, new.Timestamp, new.Latitude, new.Longitude, new.HorizontalAccuracy, new.Altitude, new.VerticalAccuracy, new.Speed, new.Course, new.Confidence); END;

come back and export it later. The same is possible with WifiLocationHarvest, it will automatically record samples while an App sits around calling "update location" or "scan" (and collecting SSIDs)

It could be really easy, I don't think of the existing scanners attempt to take advantage of builtin function. I could probably write some shell scripts (as a POC/starting point) if somebody else did a UI. I've got some notes over here : ... -stumbling consolidated link at bottom

you may be aware the "signal2" cydia app is a great addition, though perhaps it is most featured with GSM iOS5 on 2G? I cannot try it yet, I only have 7.1.2 where it does not locate for me. Information from CDMA seems limited under iOS 6.1.3, can't compare other. At least it's quicker access to network parameters than going through but still no logging. I've noticed that when iOS harvests as mentioned above, it's just 1/minute; I wonder if some format of killall -SIG??? locationd would speed it up.

Regardless, I'm not sure why any of this belongs in the "WiGLE Frontpage"

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