Half a Billion WiFi Networks Geolocated

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That... is one big pile of WiFi. 500,000,000 Networks! Congrats to user 'WKSUK' for putting the counter over this huge milestone! Can we hit....one billion networks?
-bobzilla - WiGLE.net just a little bit

What’s the growth trend for observations? Can you extrapolate to a future date for 1B dots?

Traveling this Holday doing my part to race to the next milestone :-)
https://wigle.net/graph-large.html shows the trend line and if you view source, you'll see the datafile that underpins it (http://wigle.net/csv/stats.csv) feel free to engage in curve-fitting with your favorite stats package!
love it : )
My friends says that I'm doing nosense, just draining my phone's battery. But I'm happy being the part of this community. That's the first reason why I'm not completely switching to the Apple, the Wiggle. Using two phones at one time :)
Thanks for your support! Show your friend the maps!

a lot of us are in the same boat with two phones, even on android now, because of the scanning changes on Android Pie. :(

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