Stolen Alienware m17xr4

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Postby manicorafa » Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:25 pm

Hello everyone, in this great comunity.

Two months ago my laptop stealing my docked three days after the theft were connected to the internet and gave them to the ip police have taken two months to enter the residence and now tell me it will be very difficult to locate.
I wonder if the service tag or serial number or by the mac address of the laptop I could find whoever bought it because it should have formatted and I can not see him again online.

Thank you very much in advance and thanks for your help.

Serial number or service tag: 6QKTBW1
Wifi mac address: 60:36:DD:C0:4E:32
Mac address lan port: B8:CA:3A:C4:54:ED
Serial number of maimboard.
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