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Postby SOGLAD » Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:39 am

FIRST! A sincere THANK YOU for such a AWESOME APK!

Feels like I have 1,000 questions but I will ask just a few now, please?

1. I am SO impressed with WIGLE I would like to donate a few bux via PayPal?... Is there a "PAID" version of this APK? But really ~ WIGLE does SO much now ~ what more could a PAID version do? Maybe fix question 4?

2. REALLY important to me... Is there a USERS MANUAL or DOCUMENT for WIGLE?

3. (After reading a little) Where can I find OLDER software versions of WIGLE? As one member stated, sometimes LESS is better; so maybe it's better for me to start with the basics?

4. Is there a way to disable the "UPLOAD TO WIGLE" grey box? Seems to be right over some interesting items? As a new user I am more than reluctant to upload "junk" or data that is not truly useful you. Once I have some confidence in what I am doing I'll be happy to upload the good stuff.


I must tell you, WIGLE makes me feel SO POWERFUL ~ but only for all WIGLE does!


I am into electronics and communications. I have (amassed) a array of equipment from a decent spectrum analyzer to a array WiFi yagi. A small boatload of (communications/police) scanners, HF receivers and handhelds... both 2-way and scanners. Lots of test gear too...

Having said all that, you can IMAGINE how thrilled I to discover WIGLE! Dang, there is SO much I want to know!

THANK YOU for letting me join here. Thanks too for all of the hard work you software and research guys do. I can only imagine all of the 'buzz' that goes on behind the WIGLE scenes! I hope to be a asset here and learn all I can.

Finally, please forgive 'the new guy' if I ask foolish questions.

I remain,
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