Wigle reset scanning after unplugging power?

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If I take a ride in my car, with my phone scanning and plugged into power, when I unplug if from power, it reset/clear all the devices I have scanned. So before unplugging power, I have to remember to upload the result of the scan. Is this how it is supposed to be ?

I have a Android OnePlus6
the displayed list on the screen isn't cumulative - it's just showing the current visible networks (unless you configure it otherwise). The totals (the "Run" and new WiFi/Cell/BT headers in the list view shown in green/red/blue) should continue to increase. If these DO reset to zero when you unplug, that's a bug - let us know and we'll track it down.

If the list simply goes blank, that just means no networks were visible, or perhaps the device reset its radio(s) when you unplugged it. No data is lost in this case; you're just seeing a blank list briefly because the device didn't see networks at the moment.

You can configure the list to be "cumulative" - but warning, this can be extremely slow/memory intensive, and may slow scanning/shorten battery life.
It is not the list I mean, it shows just fine. But it is the 3 counters that count how many devices I have seen in this last trip, that is being reset after unplugging power. The wifi/cell/BT gets reset if I unplug it from my cars powersupply or a powerbank. I have to uploade the scanning before unplugging, else the last scanning result is lost.

I don't know if I'm the only one with this problem. I'm using a OnePlus6

that sounds almost like the application has crashed and been re-launched... or has been terminated.

Can you send us (pm or email to wigle-admin[at]wigle.net if you prefer) the crash logs from the device? If the device terminates the app, there won't be anything in the log, but on the off chance that it's a crash, this should contain evidence to help find the cause!



PS> silver lining: unless the DB counter (far right) *drops* back down, the networks found on your run still haven't been lost!
I tried looking for the crash log in the Wigle app, but found nothing. I guess it is in the phone I have to look, right ? I can find this in my phone (see image), but nothing about a crash log. https://imgur.com/JvPinWL
I think that everything works just fine, and that it was me that misunderstood how these numbers are working.

The BT/WIFI/Cell numbers reset every time I unplug power( why I thought that my last scanning was lost), but the Database number keeps the same or rising as it should. I tried to scan a few days and unplugging power, without uploading, and after two days I uploaded and could see that it uploaded what I have scanned the last two days. So everything works just fine.

I guess that the scanner keeps the scanning on the phone, and I could then wait many days before I upload.
it's still strange - the symptoms you've described suggest that the "run" is stopped and restarted when you unplug the device; not something that's intended to happen. we'll keep looking for more data to figure out why this would happen.

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