Kismet build in kismetdb_to_wiglecsv exports everything as wifi, hardcoded.

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to replace my crippled android 9 phone, i jumped on a rpi-zero running kismet. so far so good.

Im also using the onboard bluetooth to capture, so i have a Wifi and a Bluetooth source. It also shows this in the GUI.

As its the latest (right now git state) i can only store in the *.kismet file, what i convert using the kismetdb_to_wiglecsv tool, installed with kismet.

Only to find out that Wigle reports 0 bluetooth, but massive wifi counts from this uploads :?

In the CSV generated, all devices are reported as "WIFI", taking a look at the sourcecode, yes, its hardcoded :cry: ...

I raised a Bug:

How should Bluetooth devices be named instead of "WIFI" in the CSV?
the supported values are the names (not the character codes) listed in this enumerated type: ...

cheers, and thanks for helping improve the state of the wireless world!
thanks! i made a pull request to kismet:

this is marking all as BT, i could not figure out how to make the BT / BLE difference :?
kismet shows all the bluetooth devices with a signal power of 0, is this a problem?

(over at the github there is feedback that this is a issue)
it shouldn't be; eventual RSSI/Power logging improvements will only refine the positions of devices.
Hey all. So I dropped my wigle phone and the screen shattered, so I got a raspberry pi 4. I got everything running and collecting wifi and bluetooth. I've figured out everything except for how to implement a pull request (?) to fix this issue where everything exports from the kismetdb as wifi.

I have Kismet 2020-04-R3. I'm pretty sure I have some bluetooth in the log. Can someone please help explain how to implement this fix to correct the bluetooth? I guess I'm a little surprised this is still an issue on a newer kismet release.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
There is now a fix in place: ... 985afae54e

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