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Greetings, this is my first post and if this idea has already been posted then I apologized you could delete the thread however.

Where I am from in New York we have two or three standards for SSID default names. For instance I will find about 200 ssids with a prefix of:
MYSPECTRUMWIFI-XXXX ( the last 4 characters alphanumeric usually)

The reason I bring this up and it is in the Northeast us that I noticed these, the default passwords are crackable. They are not going to be easy or quick unless you have a very fast machine.. however the passwords are :
all lowercase: Max of 8 character adjective plus Max of 8 character noun Plus 3 digits 000 to 999. For instance: runningjohn939

Also another SSID I have noticed that is common and this one is very easy to guess the password and if they have not change the default it is 100% of the time the format is
said: TGXXXGXX ( where the letters are always in caps and the X's are numbers 0 through 9)
What you have to notice about these in particular is the MAC address of the access point Greenway the last six digits
To summarize if the above-mentioned SSID stands with a Mac address of: ad:65:00

The password is likely one of two things

These are just two I have noticed I was wondering if anybody else in other areas around the world have been able to figure out the default passwords dad to cable modem company set question and my suggestion for Wego would be to notice these ssids when a cluster appear within let's say a 30 mile radius well driving. If 25 of these ssids that start with t g and then three numbers all are logged then I think it would be a good idea to make a separate database and save these as well as the my Spectrum Wi-Fi in a separate place that has the geolocation and SSID and Mac address for further testing

Let me know if anybody else has noticed patterns like this thank you

Hacking WiFi passwords isn't a Wigle problem, Wigle just records the locations and SSIDs, it's as private information as a weather forecast. If you need to find out how easy it is to hack WiFi then buy a WiFi pineapple from Hak5.

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