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Hi, as in the topic. When I upload files to wigle, it only show file info, size and how many lines that file consist. I'm working on Mac, using "Istumbler" "Airradar" and "Netspot". At the begining I was using only "Istumbler", I was converting log files into csv files in "numbers" application for Mac. I also tried txt format and still nothing. Please tell me how to fix it... I think that I may do something wrong when converting to csv. I don't quiet understand how to convert correctly that csv file from log file...
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Our complete list of supported formats is listed in the uploads dialog on the site.
For CSV, the preferred format is detailed at:

Thank you for quick replay. I'v seen that list, instructions and all that. Thing is that I'm not quit good at programming. Could u please tell me how to manage properly them csv files before upload. Literaly I need full help on that file, together with proper work on them. Please fix it for me, at least one example, so next files witch I upload will be correct.
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It looks like the Airradar files don't include position information, so those aren't something that can be converted.

The CSV and .log files DO include position, but they appear to be a time-stream file that reports position updates and network observations in a sequential (non-integrated) format.

As far as I know, no-one has written a converter script to make this happen yet, and isn't on our supported apps list yet. Anyone on the forums pull something like this together?


Thing is, that I read info about csv files on Wigle, it says something about headers and proper csv format. I will definitely focus on "Istumbler" and converting log files to csv, as I see that app is most aqurate when it comes to wifi search. I'm converting log files on Mac's Numbers app. By reading that info about proper csv files headers I know that I have to do something more before uploading them csv files to Wigle.
There's going to need to be an "interpolation" step where you estimate the location for each network (based on the last/next locations around it) and maybe decide you don't have a good enough location for some if you haven't seen them in a while; there isn't a straight-forward transformation of the existing CSV that will work with WiGLE.
OK, what about that android app WiGLE WiFi, is it any good? My whole ecosystem operate on Apple devices, but as far as I know there's no any available app on iPhone to scan wifi networks. I got some android phones in a drawer. Any opinions on that android app? Do u guys think it may be a good alternative, to scan area with that app, instead of Mac apps? I've manage to collect some information about that android app, and most of them were positive, especially when it goes about uploading them wifi maps...
I stumbled with Apple gear while I could, but as you've noted it's just not practical. I run WigleWiFi on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and a Galaxy Core Prime on old Android OSs and they work great. Small with a powerful app that just works(tm).

I wish things were better for the iPhone, but since WiFiFoFum was killed off there just aren't any options.
Seems, fair enough. That's what I fought, best option for me would be to use android phone and WiGLE WiFi app. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure that people use them Mac app's as well and are uploading files without any problem. Please, if any Mac users on that forum had the same problem as mine, just let me know how to work that thing. Any, just any suggestions would be appreciated.
We write the Android app and think it works pretty well. The trick is to avoid Android 9, which doesn't allow frequent scanning. A lot of users get great results with Kismet as well.

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