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Howdy folks, I am building a Wigle'ing box in a Pelican case knock off I have and had a couple questions.

1. Has anyone who Wigles with an Raspberry every run into performance issues/constraints? I have a couple of the nice 4/8 GB models, i'd prefer to run on one of my swaths of zero's. Bearing in mind, I plan to use multiple USB based antennas someday to help with coverage.
2. What scanning software do you use? I don't know if scanning is the right word, but you know what I mean. I was reliability and consistency. I am worried i'll pick something and build around and it turns out the software sucks. I'd like the software to support GPS/Bluetooth.
3. What do you folks use for Bluetooth? I own an Ubertooth One but not sure if that would be compatible with the scanner softwares out there?
4. I really like the Android app. for simplicity of use, has anyone forgone the Raspberry route and managed to connect all their antennas to an Android device?

I think that about covers it for now. If you have any recommendations on good top quality gear i'd love to hear them in general. Want to have myself a groovy little box. Oh! Battery recommendations are highly appreciated too!

Thanks everyone :)
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