Ringing every 15 seconds while running app on new Moto G

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When the app is running, whether scanning or paused, whether play audio or mute audio is selected, with 'play sound when network found' disabled and 'play sound when new network' disabled, there is a two tone ringing sound every 15 seconds. I can't figure out if it's being generated by the app or by Android but I went through all of the Android ring and alarm tones and the sound is not any of those. Anyone know what this is, please?

UPDATE: Discovered the sound is the default notification sound - it's in Android settings under an advanced option. WiGLE is sending a notification every 15 seconds. Long press WiGLE the notification in the swipe down screen and there are options to disable the notifications from the app. Is this the normal way of dealing with the sounds?
What Android version are you on?
this issue is fixed in the latest build.

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