I need some help puting together a script - I know nothing of how to put this idea into play

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I need it to show repeated signals found along a path. Like if you are being Tracked phsically, by individuals or we could say law inforcement, boss, wife, stalker, ect.
Would I be allowed to put that into a app to run as a stand alone, or would it need to be an add on to WIgle? Either way I would like someone with the knoledge on how to do this, to explain to me the limitations or if its even possible. Wich I know it is besause I have found a few times I was being tailed using the app. There is common occurances and theres being fallowed to the ewxact T of your route. Its kinda creepy when you find one. Nade me straiten the hell up real quick. Also found a few nosey nieghbors trying to keep tabs on me, THere is alot of data out there on whos in what vehical and the paths they take. Am I way off base here? :D
I'm afraid this isn't really a practical application of the data or the app.
1. this is subject to coincidence - if you're driving in the same direction at the same speed as cars, or walking in a crowd, there will be far more "false positives" than anything meaningful. Every device on public transit is guaranteed to be following exactly the same route as you.
2. with WiFi, you're looking at mobile hotspots - every phone can do that, and many modern cars have them - not much to differentiate between "malicious" and non-malicious, especially in crowded situations.
3. Bluetooth LE (which is majority-mobile) randomizes MAC addresses regularly so there's nothing to recognize the device over windows of greater than 15 minutes.

Fundamentally, WiGLE (the site or the app) aren't useful in "detecting stalkers" - just signals.
Well I have seen it as is. When looking at the map and signals both in bluetooth and wifi signals from phones. there are alot of false reporting but there are some address's that dont change such as police cars and such. could you help me this anyways? As I use it I can work out the bugs of false reporting and changed mac address. As is I have to cllick on each ID found along my path and see how many times wigle has observed that ID then use the filter to just show that ID and zoom out on the map. I have even caught a few long range drones that the forest service uses in the Green Triangle. the last Undercover "Anderson Police Department" I found was " APD_UC_Unit7 " " 0e:5a:25:29:00:ec " Im sure it will keep its ssid as it is regestered with the department as that.

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