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Hi! I'm a new contributor to Wigle

Something I've noticed is that for Brunei in the statistics there is a bit of an inconsistency in the format of postcodes (some have a space between the alpha and numeric sections and others do not).
Additionally, I've also noticed that there have been several areas which I know I have uploaded some networks for which can't be found by postcode.
My final issue with the statistics is that Mukim Sengkurong is not a district and thus should not be separated from Brunei-Muara in regions (unless you also want to separate the other mukims out)

Topic title.
Those are based on lookups done from the OSM Nominatim index at the time of trilateration - it's possible that:
- the OSM boundaries/codes are bad (but they're open source and you can help fix them!)
- the index used to be incorrect but has since been fixed (depending on when those networks were first seen/updated)
- our OSM deployment has a problem (we try and prevent this, things are generally good, but inconsistencies do arise)

We're open to other possibilities too - these are just the "big" ones.
feel free to attach some MAC addresses here with weird behavior, we can investigate!

Cheers and thanks for your interest!

Ok that all sounds good. I wouldn't be surprised about inaccuracies in OSM for Brunei due to its small population.

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