Map not working (blank screen in android app)

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I am new to WiGLE so apologies if I'm missing something obvious. I can not seem to get the in-app map working at all. The map on the website works, and I can see my uploads :)

Any info to help?

Thank you

in-app, the map shows your current efforts by default - this means the networks you can see right now from where you are. (blue pins for found networks, or aggregate "bubbles" if there are a lot of them).

If you want to turn on map overlays (showing networks logged from WiGLE), check out the map options in the Settings activity (if you're logged-in). We don't turn this on by default since the requests for map tiles can be a proxy for your location, and we're big believers in privacy by default. Note, you need a working data connection for this option.

You can also superimpose your "route" on the map as well, with the "Display routes for execution" option.

So basically it's broken and doesn't work just use the website. All that text and explanation rather then just saying it doesn't work lol
The app works just fine, you seem to expect it to do something you haven't explained or can't define.
I agree with Cyris.... Basically the app doesn't work (tried in 3 different devices) and you wrote a new bible to tell us to use the website.... Which, to be honest, is has it's flaws..... I'm not saying I'd do it better, but definitely not worse as it is.
So... you registered a new account today... to tell us that our app and site don't work. Just like the previous poster, you complained that "it doesn't work" without explaining what doesn't work, how you're trying to use it, or what you're expecting to happen. This is a community project, the client is open source - there's nothing about it you can't examine, and there's a forum full of people waiting to help fix a bug if you can explain one, or tell you how to use the app or site if you ask help. Thousands of people use the site and app successfully every day. We're all ears if you have useful feedback, but what your lack of explanation and demeanor suggest is that "PEBKAC."

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