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OpenRoaming is a Wi-Fi standard that opens up Wi-Fi networks to become part of a global public Wi-Fi network (usually free, but the spec does allowed for paid and combination of QoS in the future)

But all OpenRoaming Wi-Fi networks are Passpoint based and broadcast the same RCOI in the header of the Wi-Fi announcement (ANQP), it would be amazing to produce a crowdsourced OpenRoaming network type. SSIDs can be different but the RCOIs that are broadcast are always the same.

I can provide both the official Free/No QoS OpenRoaming RCOI and the Original Cisco one (which should be depreciated but still in use in some locations) network advertise themselves as Passpoint networks (secure WPA2-Enterprise, EAP-TLS,TTLS,SIM/AKA) it is possible to stumble these, there is already an App in the google app store that will search the area and tell you if a Passpoint network is in your current area..

Producing a crowdsourced OpenRoaming network map would be great addition to this excellent service, and something that the OpenRoaming community would love.

OpenRoaming (Free / No QoS) RCOI: 5a03ba0000
OpenRoaming (Old Cisco RCOI): 004096
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